Hemera Extruder Mount for Voron

August 28, 2021

Hemera Bowden Extruder mount for Voron V0.Compatible for both Voron V0 and Voron V0.1

Raspberry Pi

August 26, 2021

FDM PrintableRaspberry Pi Mount

Voron V0 PC4-M10 (Male) ToolHead MOD

August 26, 2021

The modifications are to replace the pushfit ECAS connector with a PC4-M10 Male Straight Pneumatic Tube Push Fitting Connector for Voron V0 ( V6 Threaded hotend). An added advantage of this mod is that the filament now enters the hotend in a straight line rather than the original design which has the filament entering the hotend at an angle.

60% ANSI Keyboard Plate - Split 4 - with pegs

August 18, 2021

FDM printable keyboard plate designed for 60% ANSI Pok3r. the plate is split into 4 parts for easier print and also for better customizations. The STL can be printed on a 18×18×18 cm ( 7"×7"×7") Bed. The plate is also designed with pegs for better support.

60% ANSI Keyboard Plate - Single - No pegs

August 18, 2021

FDM printable Keyboard plate designed for 60% ANSI Pok3r Keyboards. 2mm thickness.

60% ANSI Keyboard Plate - No split - with Pegs

August 18, 2021

FDM printable 60% keyboard plate ANSI , pok3r layout.

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