High Temperature Heater Cartrigde. For 3D Printer Parts with high temperature resistance.

High Temperature Heater Cartridge

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High Temperature Heater Cartridges

Planning on printing regularly at high temperatures? These 65W high-temperature heater cartridges are capable of operating at up to 550°C for extended periods of time.

Compatible with V6 style heater blocks.


  • Cartridge diameter: 6 mm
  • Cartridge length: 20 mm
  • Power: up to 65 W
  • Max operating temperature: 550°C
  • Cable length 2 m
  • High temperature

Kit Includes:

1x 65-watt, 24v Heater Cartridge

1x Extension Cable


Note: We recommend using this copper plated V6 heater block if you plan to print at high temperatures.