V6 Plated Copper HeaterBlock. For 3D printer Parts.

V6 Plated Copper HeaterBlock

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Looking for higher temperature performance? Upgrade your HotEnd with a plated copper V6 heater block, suitable for E3D cartridge-style temperature sensors.

A plated copper V6 heater block allows you to reach temperatures exceeding 320°C (providing you use a PT100, PT1000 or thermocouple) unlocking the possibilities of printing high-temperature filaments such as Ultem and PEEK.

Supplied with an M3 grub screw to secure a cartridge-style thermistor, PT100 or thermocouple, and an M3 dome head screw to clamp the heater cartridge.


  • Max temperature: 500°C
  • Reduced stick coating
  • Compatible with all V6 nozzles Cable length 50mm

Kit Includes:

1 x V6 plated copper HeaterBlock

1 x M3 grub screw

1 x M3 dome head screw